Project of rehabilitation of a single family house in Benedita.

Complete renovation of a three-bedroom house constructed in the 70’s – rehabilitated, updated and modernized by the new owners.

On the ground floor, 3 bedrooms gave place to only 2 more spacious ones, with the reformulation of the circulation and bathroom area. The fireplace, previously in the corner, was replaced by a heat recovery unit placed in the center giving more space to the living room. A laundry care area was also created next to the kitchen. With the demolition of part of the ceiling slab, it was possible to create, in what was once the attic, a generous suite, a bathroom and a large living/play room/game room.

Two beautiful wardrobes were placed in the suite to take advantage of the slopes of the roof and the bathroom, that despite its dimensions, worked extremely well.

The work carried out also included the integral replacement of water supply, sewage and electricity networks. The window frames have been replaced by new frames, thermally and acoustically more efficient. New linings on the walls and pavements.

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6 months

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